fountain pen 


a pen with a refillable reservoir that provides a continuous supply of usually fluid ink to its point.

fountain pen:

A pen with a nib and an ink reservoir, arranged so that the reservoir supplies ink to the nib automatically as needed, with a continuous flow like that of a fountain, to permit uninterrupt-ed writing. The ink flow is controlled by capillary action and a metered inflow of air.

TO FILL — Let Screw be turned back to the left until it stops, which shews reservoir is empty ; then put Pen in Ink and turn Screw to the right until it stops, when reservoir is full. Turn Screw to the left to make Ink flow, When finished using, one or two turns to the right takes any Ink on Nib back to reservoir and makes it unleakable. Action of Pen guaranteed.


: a pen containing a reservoir that automatically feeds the writing point with ink